War Story” is a novel about a U.S. Marine and an Iraqi Defense Forces Lieutenant Colonel coming together to achieve the same goal. Author and painter David Richardson, a Marine combat veteran, gets into the inspiration behind this book with us, and the deeper themes he hopes to present to the reader about man’s fascination with war since the beginning of time. You’ll hear how Richardson drew from his own life in imagining this book, and we were glad to have him join us in studio. It was also very cool to hear that Richardson’s friends who are listeners of the podcast gave him the nod to get on with us.

In addition to this in-depth interview, we get into your emails sent to [email protected]. A lot of outstanding feedback thus far from the listeners for Jack’s new book, “Murphy’s Law.” We also dig into the current U.S. administration’s growing hostility towards Iran. One of our listeners connects some dots to this foreign policy situation, and Murphy writes about this in-depth in his recent piece on Newsrep, “America’s War Drums Beat for Iran.” Check it out. Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, let us know what you think of the show, and also check out David Richardson’s art on his website at DERichardson.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @DrichWarStory to let him know what you think of the book after you pick it up!