Former Marine, Alex Hollings is welcomed back to the program and after a brief conversation about life as a reporter and reviewing military gear the conversation quickly goes off the rails.  Jack and Alex continue to plan their “epic comic book podcast” with no date set, They quickly divert into topics such as – how pop culture is shaped by mythology, polygamy in foreign countries, the debate between good vs. evil and how the world is really filled with shades of gray, and why the human consciousness might not actually matter.  Jack asks Alex to share his thoughts on Navy pilots spotting potential UFO’s, and trying to find an answer to what the hell those pilots actually saw.


Jack opens the show with the sad news of the suicide of former Green Beret Bobby Barrios, if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts look for help here or call the Veterans Crisis Line at: 1-800-273-8255 & Press 1.  Former guest of the show, Dale Comstock’s wife has kidney failure and Jack wanted to pass along the Go Fund Me page if anyone is able to help out Dale, you can find the website here.  Jack and Dennis share their thoughts on Trump’s visit to Japan while the USS McCain was nowhere to be found.  Be sure to check out Alex’s writing at The Loadout Room, & at The NewsRep.  You can also pick his book “The Perception Wars: How Influence Shapes Conflict” as well as Jack’s book “Murphy’s Law“.  Be sure to leave a review on Apple Podcast and as always follow Alex on Twitter @AlexHollings52.