Ben Blum joins SOFREP Radio to share the story of his cousin, former Army Ranger Alex Blum’s story in Ben’s novel “Ranger Games.” The book details Alex’s involvement in the 2006 bank robbery in Tacoma, Washington where Alex, Luke Elliott Sommer, another former Ranger, and two other men stole over $54,000.  Ben explains why Rangers would decide to rob a bank, detailing Sommer showing signs of psychotic tendencies, and the relationship between Blum & Sommer, his squad leader.  Ben shares with Jack how Alex claimed to think the entire robbery was part of his Ranger training, even after his arrest.  They explain how Rangers can have different reactions on their time spent in the program based off the type of superiors they were serving under.  Ben shares what Alex has been up to since his release and compare Ben’s article on the Stanford prison experiment to the military’s hierarchy.


Jack and Dennis laugh over Jack’s response game on Twitter and President Trump on social media. Jack explains his recent article on warfare video games as well as other articles he has in the pipeline.  Jack and Dennis open the show with thoughts on celebrating the upcoming 500th episode.  If you have any liquor suggestions feel free to send them our way at [email protected]  or on Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show.  You can follow Ben Blum on Twitter & Facebook.  Let him know what you think of his book, where you can purchase here.