Joining the show is former Army Ranger & author of “War Story” Steven Elliott.  He served alongside Pat Tillman when Tillman died in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan on April 22nd, 2004.  Elliott is one of two men believed to have possibly killed Tillman in the incident.  Steven talks about his beginnings as a Ranger and then describes the events of that tragic day.  He and Jack then share the connection they have between the two of them while Jack shares his experience involving friendly fire. Elliott shares how he was eventually able to cope with the event, what inspired him to write a book about it, preach the importance of learning from one’s mistakes, and finding positiving in embracing the darkness.  Be sure to sign Steven’s petition at Elliot Fund, where you can also purchase his book, “War Story.”


Jack and Dennis open the show with a recap of using drugs for PTSD and how some things you’ve heard about drugs growing up ended up as myths.  They also discuss Iran shooting down a US drone and what could come of it as a result, as well as some conspiracy theories about the Earth.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show and purchase Jack’s book “Murphy’s Law” where you can find wherever books are sold.