Former Ranger & friend of Jack’s, Myles joins the podcast to share his unique experience using psychedelics and how it’s helped him.  After hearing former SEAL, Jeff Nichols, speak about his use of psychedelics to help his mental clarity, Myles wanted to speak with SOFREP and further the conversation of helping veterans heal using psychedelics.  He shares how he went from a straight edge to using psychedelics, how he was able to find coaches & shamans in the jungle, the experience of using ibogaine, being able to heal using triggers you have within, coming back to the states after “seeing the light,” & explaining how different psychedelics cause different responses.  Myles also shares what it was like to see a “higher being” and tries to explain his visions without giving too much away for those interesting in attempting psychedelics as a healing tactic.  He shares how the government is looking to get involved because of the potential monetary windfall a successful psychedelic operation could become. Myles credits Being True to You & Heroic Hearts Project with helping him in this journey, be sure to listen to his podcast, Transhuman Broadcast, you can also follow the podcast’s Twitter and Instagram page.  Don’t forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show and purchase Jack’s book “Murphy’s Law” where you can find wherever books are sold.