In this week’s episode we rolled up our sleeves with Jay Dobyns, a tough-as-nails undercover federal agent who served for twenty-seven years before retiring in 2014.

He achieved worldwide notoriety as one of history’s most daring undercover operators during high-octane missions targeting America’s violent crime. Often playing the role of a shrewdly-calculating hitman or mob debt collector infiltrating scores of deadly criminal enterprises while living among street and prison gangs, anti-government extremists, gunrunning groups, drug traffickers and organized crime members, bomb builders, home invasion robbery crews and “murder-for-hire” suspects.

A defense attorney once described Dobyns as: “…a government-trained ‘Predator’ repeatedly sent on seek and destroy missions in search of drugs, guns and violence, with instructions to succeed at any cost and without regard for the agent himself or those he crosses paths with.”

Jay is perhaps best known for his landmark effort against the notorious Hells Angels. He was the first-ever lawman to defeat the gang’s multilayered security measures getting inside to become a member of their legendary Skull Valley charter.

Jay’s book about that investigation – No Angel, My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels – is a New York Times and international bestseller.

His follow-up book – Catching Hell, A True Story of Abandonment and Betrayal – is a bestselling memoir that details the events of his life and career.