This week on SOFREP Radio, we sat down with former NFL Linebacker and philanthropist Donnie Edwards.

For many, Donnie Edwards is known as a gridiron grinder. A fourth round draft pick out of UCLA who played for thirteen seasons on the NFL — eight with the Kansas City Chiefs and six with the San Diego Chargers — Donnie earned a reputation for doling out hit and having hands. During his time in the NFL he logged 23.5 sacks and 28 interceptions, just nine short of the NFL record for most interceptions by a linebacker.

But for all his football fame, Edwards has come to be known in veteran and military circles for his veterans organization, The Best Defense Foundation.

The Best Defense Foundation’s main focus is brining closure to WWII veterans by returning them to the battlefields where they once fought. Edwards and his foundation have helped hundreds of veterans return to battlefields from Normandy to Iwo Jima, some of whom had not set foot in those places since the war.

The Best Defense Foundation has also added to its mantle a mission for Special Forces soldiers. Dubbed simply the Transition Program, Edwards and BDF reintegrate SOF soldiers by “combining concepts from the battlefield with ideas forged on the gridiron” through “unique retreats that preserve bonds of brotherhood while providing tools and services that equip and empower our veterans to move forward.”

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn more about the Best Defense Foundation and hear tales from the ground from gridiron great Donnie Edwards.

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