This week on SOFREP Radio we decided to shake things up a bit. While we had a standard-issue podcast lined up for you, we thought we would take a moment to discuss the events that unfolded in Washington D.C. on January 6th — and the aftermath — in a segment we’re calling Editor’s Round Table.

SOFREP contributor Sean Spoonts, Senior Editor Steve Balestrieri and Editor in Chief Jacob Sotak dive into the protest-turned-insurrection and try to answer some of the questions banging around the internal channels at SOFREP. What actually happened?Is what we witnessed sedition, or the impassioned outcry of American patriots? Who is responsible for the actions of the mob that entered the Capitol building? And what does this moment mean for our national security? 

Like so many Americans who are struggling to wrap their heads around the events that unfolded, our editorial team has more questions than answers. But, despite our differences in opinion, we believe the only way to approach clarity is through discussion and the sharing of differing perspectives.

We hope this first foray into the Editor’s Round Table helps start a conversation among our listeners and, if we’re lucky, sheds a little light on what we believe hangs in the balance.

And, in the name of discussion, we extend to you an invitation: Send us your thoughts at [email protected]. What did we miss? What do you think about the events of January 6th?

Editor’s Note: This conversation was recorded on January 7th. At the time of recording, President Trump had not released his video statement acknowledging the event and committing to a peaceful transfer of power on January 20th.