On this week’s podcast SOFREP senior editor and SOFREP Radio host Steve Balestrieri speaks with General (Ret.) Don Bolduc.

General Bolduc served as Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force commander and in 2012-2013 as Commander of the Combined Joint Special Operations Component in Afghanistan where he logged 10 deployments and started the Village Stability Operations program. He was then the commander of Special Operations Command Africa.

Steve and General Bolduc discuss the state of affairs in Afghanistan and how we’ve come to this point. They also talk about PTSD and the silent toil it has enacted on our troops.

Further, General Bolduc bewails the current politicization of the military, and especially its top leaders, and the deeply divisive political environment plaguing the United States.

The general also talks about his decision to become a police officer in light of the shortage of officers in New Hampshire.

General Don Bolduc is now running for New Hampshire State Senate. To learn more about his campaign you can visit the general’s website here.

Join us for another episode of SOFREP Radio.