On this week’s podcast episode SOFREP Senior Editor and SOFREP Radio host Steve Balestrieri talks with author and helicopter pilot veteran Colin P. Cahoon.

Before becoming an author, Colin was an Army officer and pilot of UH-1 and OH-58 helicopters in which he accumulated more than 1,000 flight hours.

Steve talks with Colin Cahoon about his latest book Mended Wings: The Vietnam War Experience Through the Eyes of Ten American Purple Heart Helicopter Pilots. 

Colin talks about his inspiration behind Mended Wings and his wish to honor the Vietnam War era helicopter pilots and all that they gave to the next generation of helicopter pilots.

This was Colin’s first non-fiction book, nevertheless, the jump from fiction to non-fiction was made easier through the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots’ Association (VHPA). Through VHPA, Colin was able to locate Vietnam-era Purple Heart pilots and tell their stories for posterity.

Colin also talks about the strong cohesion of the aviation units and the particular experience of Vietnam veterans that set them apart from others.

Mended Wings is an incredible page-turner about a heroic group of aviators and their accomplishments. You can order the book here.

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