On this podcast, Rad interviews Zachary Armstrong, a Navy officer turned motivational speaker and advocate for military members suffering from substance abuse disorder, and Michael Peyton, former Navy SEAL who is now a leader of top-performing teams, developer and trainer of elite human performance, and change agent solving complex challenges. Both guests had a long battle with addiction and today share how they overcame this challenge with the help of community and healthy alternatives.

Zach is a coach for The Phoenix—a community focused on providing support to those recovering from substance abuse through sober activities and events. He gets vulnerable with his struggle with alcohol and, as a high-functioning alcoholic, was able to hide his substance abuse struggle for years. Based on his experiences in both military and civilian rehab communities, he is driven to ensure the military re-thinks how their substance abuse programs are run.

Zach and Mike hope to create an effective rehab program catered to the needs of the military community that focuses on providing alternative methods to recovery.

Check out the National Sober Active Community | The Phoenix: https://thephoenix.org/

Zach’s email: [email protected]

Mike’s email: [email protected]