On this week’s podcast, Rad interviews Ricardo Perez, former US Army sniper, author of Born To Fail: Embrace Hardship To Forge Your Warrior Spirit, and current research scientist at the University of Washington Department of Virology. He shares his deployment in Kandahar, from carrying around a 50-cal sniper rifle to documenting everything he could through writing.

This became the basis for his book as well as his story of growing up and his journey to become a scientist after life in the army. Ricardo shares that he struggled with depression after his deployment. He recalls the difficulty of finding jobs even as a college graduate and how a strong mindset overcame it.

For Ricardo, his family remains his primary motivation to achieve his dreams. The proceeds of his book go into the production of his audiobook which features controversial conversations during the Afghanistan war.

Visit Ricardo’s Website: https://ricardopperez.com/

Get a copy of Born to Fail: https://amzn.to/3kKAEpw