On this podcast, Rad interviews Jesse Gould, founder of the Heroic Hearts Project, Army Ranger veteran, and psychedelic therapy advocate. Jesse talks about the modalities of psychedelic treatment, its benefits for neurogenesis, and how it can bring controlled chaos to your mind to reset it. 

Jesse talks about his deployments to Afghanistan and his realization that he was drinking way too much. And, more than that, he started observing his mental state take a turn for the worse.

He shares his discovery of ayahuasca as an alternative treatment. Seeing how none of his efforts as of yet were worth preserving, he decided to go down to Peru to seek a shaman. Jesse details the ceremony, how entering into a psychedelic state brings forth repressed traumas, and the unique way ayahuasca reframes trauma to break the cycle of PTSD.

However, not anyone should just jump in and try ayahuasca. There is the preparation needed, both mentally and emotionally, as ayahuasca heightens your senses but your brain interprets the stimuli differently. Therefore, Jesse stresses that being in a safe space is paramount for psychedelic treatment.

Reach out to Jesse and the Heroic Hearts Project through the following links:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jesse-gould/

Website: https://www.heroicheartsproject.org/