On this special episode, SOFREP’s Editor-in-Chief Sean Spoonts features Brad Thor, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, former member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Analytic Red Cell Unit, and sought-after keynote speaker on future terrorist threats. They are joined by Brandon Webb, SOFREP’s publisher, former Navy SEAL sniper, and himself an author of a dozen books, as well as John David Mann, co-author of over 30 books including Brandon’s memoirs.

Brad shares his creative process, from experiencing as many of his settings as he can to never using an outline to keep the magic of storytelling alive. John then updates on Finn’s saga that started in Steel Fear and how the mystery around him will take readers to Iceland next. They comment on the geopolitics of the US, China, Russia, and India and share funny anecdotes on Cold Fear‘s cover photo. Finally, they give tips to aspiring writers about reading what you love and writing as an intentional decision.

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Cold Fear: https://amzn.to/3mZh0aw

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