On this week’s podcast, Rad welcomes Mark Nutsch and Jim DeFelice. Mark served as a Green Beret and led one of the first Special Forces teams into Afghanistan after 9/11. Mark was trained in unconventional warfare, from using foreign weapons to adapting to riding on horseback. He recalls an amazing scene of their local allies on horseback charging against columns of Taliban tanks and leading his team through the harshest conditions just to survive.

Jim is the author or co-author of sixteen New York Times bestselling books, including American Sniper, Everyman a Hero, and Swords of Lightning which he co-wrote with Mark. He shares some of the tales he learned from Mark, notably the fascinating mix of civil war-era and high-tech warfare that transpired during Mark’s mission. He is a winner of the Army Historical Foundation Award for his writing and lives in the Hudson Valley.

The story of Mark and the 12 horsemen of ODA 595 is dramatized in the Hollywood movie 12 Strong.

Get your copy of Swords of Lightning: https://amzn.to/3bJpxMv

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