Brandon is back in New York for this in-studio podcast. Featured on the show is former Army Ranger Jack Murphy, who most of you know by now from writing for SOFREP and co-hosting the show, as well as Destinee, who writes and vlogs for The Arms Guide, and produces the most awesome reviews on guns.

We talk government shutdown, Captain Phillips and the Somali pirate situation at large, and even a little bit of what the show plans for when we get to fill in for The Wilkow Majority on Sirius XM Patriot. We also give a Throat Punch of the Week to a certain Congressman well deserving of it. So check it out!

We really want the SOFREP community to  join us and give us a listen this Wednesday, October 16th on Sirius XM Patriot!  This is a very big deal for us to be able to do three hours of special ops & national security analysis as only SOFREP can bring.  We’re filling in for our good friend Andrew Wilkow on The Wilkow Majority – Sirius XM Patriot 125 from 12 – 3PM EST.  It’s a great opportunity for us that we owe to Andrew and super producer Mike Binns, and will hopefully lead to more in the future.  In studio will be Brandon Webb, Kerry Patton, and Ian Scotto.  Will Rodriguez and Drago will be joining us by phone, and possibly some other SOFREP contributors.

Unlike the podcast, it will be live and we’ll be taking your calls at 866-957-2874.