Eric Blehm is an award-winning author known for his New York Times bestsellers Fearless and The Only Thing Worth Dying For. In the early 1990s, he served as editor-in-chief of TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine and, by 1999, had transitioned to freelance writing.

Blehm gained significant insight into the world of special operations shortly after the September 11 attacks when he found himself embedded with Green Berets. This immersion ultimately led to his acclaimed book The Only Thing Worth Dying For. His subsequent book, Fearless, chronicles the remarkable journey of Adam Brown, a Navy SEAL whose unrelenting spirit allowed him to triumph over severe injuries.

Blehm’s latest work, The Darkest White, marks a return to his snowboarding roots. The book narrates the life of Craig Kelly, often hailed as snowboarding’s first superstar, and explores how his legacy continues to inspire professional snowboarding, a discipline that he was instrumental in creating.

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