In this episode Jack Murphy fills in for Brandon Webb. Most of you of course know him by now, but for the new listeners Jack is a former 75th Army Ranger, Special Forces soldier, and founded the site with Brandon.

This week marks the second anniversary of the launch of, and Jack gives some inside background into how the site originally got developed back when he and Brandon were writing for  It truly is something to see the community that’s grown on the site, and the successful launch of all of the other Force 12 Media sites in these short two years.

This week marks the one year since the passing of an American hero and friend to many at SOFREP, Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle.  On to talk about this we have on Scott McEwen who co-authored Chris’s book, American Sniper, and was also a friend to CK.  Scott got to know him on a very personal level, and we get into that, as well as the tragic circumstances behind Chris’s death.  We discuss how his passing has created an opportunity for companies to attach themselves to his name in an effort to make money with no solid charitable component.  McEwen also talks about his new book titled Eyes on Target: Inside Stories from the Brotherhood of the U.S. Navy SEALs. You can pre-order it here.

We get into your e-mails, the Throat Punch of the Week, and Jack gives some insight into, one of the newest sites in the Force 12 Media network.

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