I had the pleasure recently of meeting former Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam, who was eager to come on SOFREP Radio, and he did not disappoint! It’s a long show with no filler, definitely one you don’t want to miss!

Jonathan served with SEAL Team 4, went on to work as a Federal Air Marshal, security contractor, and FBI Special Agent, and he has made a lot of media appearances recently on major outlets, including Fox News and Sirius XM. He currently runs his own business, Continued Service, which helps to employ veterans and former civilian government employees by providing their skills to the public and private sectors.

Jonathan goes in-depth with some stories from BUD/S, give us some dirt on people he’s seen in the media misrepresenting their background in Intelligence, and speculates on a well-respected former Admiral who he’s hearing will run with Hillary in 2016.

Brandon also talks about translator for the SEALs, Johnny Walker, who conducted over a thousand missions alongside the SEALs in Iraq, and whose family is being targeted by ISIS.

And, of course, we answer your e-mails sent to [email protected].

Next week is Episode 100, and we plan to make it memorable, so stay tuned.

Crack open a beer and have a great Independence Day!


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