Our guest on Episode 111 is Jim West, a retired Special Forces Warrant Officer and martial arts expert. Jim has trained many professional fighters and guys in the special operations community, including Dale Comstock, and he’s now training our host, former US Army Ranger and Green Beret, Jack Murphy.

Jack is currently working with Jim on his autobiography. Jim wasn’t into the concept of penning a book, but became very comfortable with the idea of working with Jack after meeting him. We get the inside scoop on the book and some of the stories that will be included. Our topics with Jim West range from bar fights to the emotional toll on Jim when his son was tragically murdered.

Here is a clip from one of Jim’s martial arts videos of him working with a young Dale Comstock:

Jack has been covering ISIS on SOFREP, and since this is the first we’ve heard from him on the show since his interview with Dakheel , we also get an update on the situation on the ground.

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