For several years now, we’ve heard the outcry from SOFREP members to add a second show a week, and we have finally delivered!  This one does not disappoint.  SOFREP writer The Odyssean, who served doing intelligence for the Army, and went on to do data collection and analysis in the private sector working in countries like Japan, breaks down some of the conflict in the region right now.  He joins Drew Dwyer and me to give a great in-depth perspective from a guy who’s there been on the ground.

We dig into his article “Japanese government issues citizens DEFCON warning because of North Korea,” and also have some fun talking about the documentary, “Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang.”  While we’re taping, a very special guest makes an unscheduled appearance in the studio that you will not want to miss.  Let us know what you think, we plan on having more great writers for the site to give their expertise on the show each week in this Members Only edition of the show.