We get deep and also dark in this nearly two hour members only edition of the podcast.  SOFREP writer George E. Hand IV is not only a former Army Master Sergeant who served with Delta, but he now does work combating human trafficking, namely with a group called DeliverFund.  Just recently he was a part of an operation reeling in four network players leading to the biggest bust in the field of human trafficking in Albuquerque, New Mexico’s history.  He tells Jack Murphy and me all about this, and gets into the amazing but very scary work he does combating this crisis.


Jack also expands on his trip to the Philippines, including his lively meeting with Philippine Marine Corps General Juancho Sabban.  We also give our thoughts on the Netflix documentary, “Get Me Roger Stone,” a biopic on a past guest to the show.  We’re excited for members to hear some of their favorite contributors to the site on these shows for the first time.  Keep the feedback coming.  Also, we just launched an Instagram account @SOFREPRadio – so follow us and get the inside look of where we record and what goes on at Hurricane Group‘s office and studio.