Bringing the heat this episode with some top notch guests you’ll only hear on SOFREP Radio. Kicking it off are former SEALs Jake Zweig and Jeff Gonzales. We talk about the NCIS investigation into Matt Bissonette over the book No Easy Day, which he penned under the name Mark Owen. We get the guys’ take on that, as well as the ongoing situation with Bowe Bergdahl.

Jake Zweig confirms that a second season of Dude, You’re Screwed, the reality show on Discovery that he stars in, is in the works. Jeff also is working hard at his company, Trident Concepts, so if you’re in the Texas area and are looking for any firearms or defense training, you should check them out and learn from the best!

Also with us is Blake Miles, SOFREP contributor and Former Army Green Beret, to talk about the work he’s doing over at He’s working on some major speaking engagements and is letting people know about effective ways for veterans to make the transition to the civilian world. As a combat vet now going through college and making moves professionally, Blake is a guy with plenty of real life experience under his belt, and we’re glad to have him fighting for the cause.