Joining us this episode is Thomas Rathsack, author of Jaeger: At War with Denmark’s Elite Special Forces. Thomas is a former Jaeger, and gets into what Jaeger Corps, a special operations unit of Denmark, is all about. The book was originally written in Danish, and once it came to Jack Murphy’s attention, he felt it would be a great read for our audience and worked very hard with Thomas on getting the book out to our readers in English via Amazon. Our friends at Havok Journal even put up an excerpt that you can check out. We think it’ll give you some knowledge on what spec ops units are doing in other countries.

Jack and I also get into your e-mails sent to [email protected]. We’ve gotten a lot of recent feedback on Derek’s take on police militarization, and we discuss that. Thanks for your continued support, we plan on bringing a lot of great and knowledgeable guests on in the next few weeks. To our new listeners, we hope that you join the fight and become a member of SOFREP today.