Is your father always prepared, or is he lacking in that category? Help him shore up his supplies and keep his family prepared for any survival situation with our 10 survival & prepping Fathers Day gifts.

Dragon Fire Tinder Bag

Dragon Fire Extreme Pouch Contents

What’s more manly than being able to start a fire. With a bag of Dragon Fire Tinder you’ll always have that guarantee of fire. Whether you in the woods, on a hike, backpacking, or just making a bon fire to have hotdogs and smores, this is a must have. MSRP — $8.99

Tru-Nord Compass

Oh, the good ole saying that men don’t ask for directions until we’re lost. With the Tru Nord Compass he’ll always know what direction he’s headed. This compass can go on a keyring, attach to a zipper pull, or be kept in a small pouch. For a compass this small, lightweight, rugged, and reliable, there’s no excuse not to have one on you. MSRP — $44.95

Lifestraw GO Bottle

For the adventurous dad out there. Never again will he be caught without water as long as he has a water source to collect from. Hydration is key to staying alive when out in the wilderness, on a hike, or just spending a day in the hot sun. Keep father and family hydrated with a GO bottle from Lifestraw. Fill it up and drink away. MSRP — $34.95

Titanium Folding Spork

Whether its a morning cup of coffee at the campsite or meal on the go, this is a valuable piece of gear for any father. Due to the folding feature, the spork easily fits inside of a stove pot or any small pocket. If your father is a world traveler or an ultralight junkie, this spork is too convenient not to have as an essential piece of kit. The Sea to Summit Titanium Folding Spork also comes with a small attachment carabiner, so you can clip the spork to just about anything and forget about misplacing it. MSRP — $16.95

Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit

The Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit by Goal Zero will allow your Dad to charge most any electronic gadget that uses either a USB (universal serial bus), or a 12 volt power source. Perfect for charging GPS batteries, cellular phone batteries or even a satellite phone.  The kit is weather resistant, lightweight and it folds neatly into a bag or pack for easy travel. Goal Zero even designed this panel to be plugged into additional panels for more charging power. Thanks to Goal Zero your dad will always have fully charged electronic devices even while away from home. MSRP — $169.95

K-12 Survival Handbook from Survival Solutions

A great gift for dad to keep in his hunting or hiking pack. A no frills quick access guide to surviving and thriving in the outdoors. Easy to store 3”x5” plastic weatherproof cards will provide your dad basic tips and instructions on lifesaving skills such as: survival tips, making snare traps, land navigation, fire building tips and much more. All the cards are bound together by an 8” piece of jute twine and a ferrocerium spark rod – perfect fire starting material. If you Father spends time in the woods this will be right up his alley. MSRP — $19.95

Zero Tolerance 0180


Quick Survival Shelter and Fire Kit

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The knife your dad should have. This knife will set your Father apart from all the other men he hunts and fishes with. The ZT 0180 is built like a tank, featuring a full length superior quality Vanadis 4 cold steel blade. The 4.2” blade is built for serious business, but with its DLC flat black finish it still provides stylish good looks. Topped off with G10 handles for a secure grip, its the one fixed blade knife that will last dad for years to come. MSRP — $275

Longwave Shortwave Radio

A high quality multi band radio for any father that takes his disaster prepping serious. The Hammacher-Schlemmer Radio is a great piece of technology for any disaster scenario. It can easily run off of solar panels and allows you to listen to AM/FM bands, civilian aircraft radio transmissions in the 117-137 MhZ range as well as most any other short side band transmissions from 1711 KhZ- 30 MhZ. What this means is your dad and family can listen to just about any frequency that will be used by emergency response personnel anywhere on earth. Perfect for prepping or just general entertainment and certain to be a hit if your Father is a technology lover. MSRP – $299.95

Wild Hedgehog Get Home Alive Medical Kit


One of the most complete grab and go emergency medical kits to come on the market in quite some time. A great kit for your dad to toss in a pack, the car, or in the fishing kit. Weighing only 1.4 lbs, it contains gloves, a tourniquet, and all the supplies needed to treat various types of trauma your Dad might encounter on the river fishing, out hiking, hunting, or even at work. Easy to carry in a safe small pouch, now is the perfect time to show your father you care about his safety. MSRP — $89

Spot Gen 3 , Personal Tracker


The SPOT Generation 3 Personal Tracker is an award winning personal tracking device that uses GPS to pinpoint the users location. The SPOT also allows the user to automatically or manually send out prearranged messages to friends and loved ones to let them know they are safe. These can be sent out at timed intervals or at pre selected waypoints on the trip. A great feature of the SPOT is a one touch 9-1-1 feature that alerts the proper medical and emergency authorities of a life threatening injury or situation. The SPOT is an ideal tool to let your dad effortlessly tell everyone he is safe and sound on his hunting or fishing trips. MSRP — $149.95

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