The Army is investigating Major General Joseph Harrington, the commander of US forces in Africa for reportedly sending dozens of messages to the wife of an enlisted soldier under his command.

Gen. Harrington’s alleged Facebook messages, many of whom are suggestive, range from flattering to flirty and include a request to the woman that she delete them. If in fact, he did send those messages it would be a serious breach of protocol and military law.

The woman initially met the general at the gym and soon after began receiving texts and messages from him related to business, but soon things began to change. The two were never physical and the woman, who refused to identify herself because she feared reprisals against her husband, became concerned when the messages got progressively more suggestive.

The messages, many sent late at night, veer from the mundane to the personal. Harrington oversees the Army’s activities in Africa from a post in northern Italy. In some texts, he complained about travel and getting sick on local food.

In others, he doted on the woman’s appearance, referring to her as “HOTTIE,” and “looking good for sure.” In another series he wrote: “You seem to have a great modeling resume! Truly! Though I hadn’t noticed! Where is your hubby tonight? Work?”

When she replied that she’d fought with her husband, and that he was asleep, Harrington responded: “I’m sorry! Make up se…x is fun”

Harrington suggested “U can be my nurse,” and added, “I’d enjoy being in a tent with U.”

The fact that Harrington asked the woman to delete his messages, is him admitting that what he’s doing is not only wrong but perhaps a violation of military law. And the military won’t take kindly to this since they’ve had other cases recently that have given the services a black eye.

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Photo courtesy US Army