Axelson Tactical now has a line of customized firearms to commemorate the life of Matthew Axelson (Killed on Operation Red Wings). One of the newer platforms now available is the AXE 19. This is a customized Glock 19. In a previous article we took a closer look at the customizations of the gun itself.

I recently took the Axelson Tactical AXE 19 to my local range to run some ammo through it to see how it performs. Out of the gate this pistol feels great in the hands. The front cocking serrations are aggressive and good for either racking the slide or doing a quick press check.

The pistol really shoots well. I burned through about 150 rounds without a single failure. The gun maintained its accuracy from the 1st round to the final round. The only thing I noticed after shooting for a prolonged period of time is my support hand thumb started to get a blister. This was due to the front cocking serrations rubbing against the thumb during shooting (not that big of a deal). I typically grip high, so that is just something I have to deal with. Suck it up and move on.

Benefits of the AXE 19 upgrades:

  • The sights are crisp and clear (easy to pick up quickly), thus assisting with your shot-to-shot accuracy.
Sight Alignment
AXE 19 Sights
  • The Ghost Trigger that comes installed is a very smooth trigger. It is a tad bit lighter than the Glock OEM trigger which you’ll notice right off the bat (If you’re a Glock shooter).
  • The grip reduction on the frame is a welcome improvement over the stock frame. I’m able to get a higher grip in the beaver tail area as well as below the trigger guard. The grip reduction is a very subtle difference, but gives you a higher grip which put the bore at a lower axis, giving you greater control over the weapon.
AXE19 Customized Grip and Stippling

The ammunition I used for this range session was the Team Never Quit Training Ammo. The ammunition fed into the weapon consistently and I was never presented with a failure of any type. If you shoot steel for practice and training I recommend getting a box of Team Never Quit ammunition to try.

I’m going to continue running ammunition through this gun to see how far we can take it before it starts producing failures and needs cleaned. Stay tuned….


– Scott Witner for