Teams and individuals from the unit have taken part in countless national and international courses and exercises, to include frequent exchange training with US SF and NAVSPECWAR teams, POLSOCOM teams, annual Jackal Stone exercises, etc. Unit members regularly attend training events in allied countries (for example in the US: Ranger School, HALO/HAHO, SF Combat Diver, etc.).

The unit took part in operations in Tchad as a part of EUFOR for several tours. However it has seen most of its recent tasks revolving around ISAF, with unit members performing various missions in Afghanistan, most notable of which are missions of mentoring the ANA and advising them during field operations, during which the unit performed exceptionally well and achieved distinguished results.

The majority of unit members in the operational companies have at least one tour of duty in ISAF.

Through its relatively short time in existence, the Special Operations Battalion has made great strides towards becoming a highly capable NATO SOF unit which it is today, thanks to the tireless efforts of its motivated personnel and with the help of its friends from allied countries, primarily the US and Poland. Standing on the foundations set by the victoriuos veterans of the Homeland War, the current unit members embody the SOF spirit of completing any mission, any time, at any place, and will most likely be increasingly called upon to do so in the following years.