Despite the Army’s top commander’s claims to the contrary, the protests that have rocked Iran, continue in more than a dozen cities across the country as anti-government protesters fill the streets.

The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, Major Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari went so far to say to Iran’s official Fars News Agency that any people who took part in the protests were guilty of sedition.

 “Now we can say that it is the day when the 1396 sedition ended,” the general said, in reference to the current year in the Persian calendar.

His remarks coincided with reports that elite IRGC troops had been deployed to at least three provinces to put down the rallies that have swept Iran since last week — featuring calls by some protesters for the ouster of the nation’s government.

There were also reports Wednesday that the IRGC action coincided with with a wave of counter-demonstrations that saw large pro-regime rallies held in several cities. The Associated Press reported that tens of thousands of government supporters were taking to the streets across the nation.

The government in Iran stage pro-government rallies in an attempt to calm the country amid country-wide protests (Fars News video clip)

The government tried its hand again with organizing pro-government protests in several cities as well. The Tehran government earlier tried to play off the protests by claiming that they were pro-government rallies in the Fars News.

Reports were leaking out via social media of many citizens being killed and wounded by government troops trying to quell the protests. There were over 20 citizens killed so far during the unrest.

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