Israeli aircraft reportedly have launched a missile strike on an Iranian base outside of Damascus after monitoring what was described as “abnormal activity” and IDF troops went on high alert in the Golan.

Nine Iranian soldiers were killed as Syrian officials report that they shot down two of the Israeli missiles.

Syrian state media reported on Tuesday night that Israel conducted an airstrike south of Damascus, reportedly killing nine pro-Iranian fighters in an area previously identified as the site of a suspected Iranian military base.

Syria’s official SANA news outlet said that the country’s air defenses intercepted two Israeli missiles over the el-Kiswah area, south of Damascus. The report did not specify how many missiles were fired.

The attack happened in Kisweh, according to the official news agency SANA, about an hour after President Trump’s announced that he would be pulling the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

High tension between rivals Iran and Israel have prompted an increasing number of strikes as of late. Iran has promised to respond to Israeli-led attacks aimed at Iranian outposts in Syria.

Those include an attack on Syria’s T4 air base in the Homs province in April that killed seven Iranian military personnel. And on April 30, Israel was accused of attacking government outposts in northern Syria, which left several pro-government fighters, some of whom were Iranians, dead.

On Tuesday, the Israeli military said they’d identified “irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria” and urged citizens in Golan Heights near Syria to ready bomb shelters.

The pro-Hezbollah al-Mayadeen news outlet reported that fires had broken out in the area following the blasts.

An official with the Iran-led axis of resistance told the Associated Press the strike targeted a Syrian army position and caused only material damage. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give official statements.

Videos from the scene, which was posted on social media, showed the moment of the strike’s impact and its aftermath. Surveillance footage showed a blast of white light as the bombs hit, followed by what appeared to be secondary explosions, supporting the claim that the targets of the strike were missiles. Cellphone videos also showed trucks burning and fires raging in the direction of the alleged Iranian base.

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Featured Photo is a screenshot from Syrian television of the aftermath of the missile strike.