This small pocket pistol from Leinad Arms is the epitome of simple and rugged. There are virtually no moving parts other than the barrel break action to load and unload the ammunition. This particular model is the 45 Long Colt / .410 Shot Shell version. I have personally shot several rounds of 45 long colt without any issues and to my surprise the recoil was not as extreme as I was expecting. Obviously this is a close in gun (7 yards or less). At 7 yards there are no issues with putting your last shot on target.

You can even take this gun a step further and purchase a .410 to .22 LR adapter from Short Lane Arms which now enables you to shoot all .22 LR ammunition through this gun. With the addition of this adapter, the gun makes a great companion to have on the trap line to dispatch small game. This gun could also be used on the trail or out in the woods to dispatch venomous snakes by using a 410 shot shell if you happen to be in an area known for these types of snakes.

This gun also makes a great concealed carry pistol for ‘low vis’ environments where you may need that ‘last shot’ to get out of a tight situation.


  • Will fire .45 LC ammo, 2 1/2″ .410 shot shells and with the adapter mentioned, .22 long rifle
  • These Derringers feature a non-glare black matte finish
  • External hammer
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Tip-up barrel for easy loading

You can find this small 45 long colt derringer at gun shows and various online firearm dealers for as little as $90. For that price you really cannot go wrong having a small derringer that shoots 45 long colt, 410 shot shells, and 22 long rifle. If anything it makes a great conversation piece with your friends.