Alysia Macedo is somewhat of a social media star, the Air Force dentist spends her spare time off-duty live blogging workouts and fitness tips to her legion of followers. Macedo has over 194,000 followers on Instagram.

She’s been in the Air Force for nearly 10 years, joining at 19 wanting independence, to travel and serve her country. But the 28-year old works out twice a day and uses her skills and experience to help out others in a variety of ways. She stays on a strict diet as well as fitness regimen to stay in tremendous shape.

 “In my free time I teach prevention against violence, sexual assault, and many other things for everyone on base,” she told Daily Mail.

Macedo said it isn’t always easy being a woman in a male-dominated industry. “I had only female supervisors and I didn’t have it easy. Most peers I spoke to for advice or mentoring were males,” she said.

In addition to maintaining an active lifestyle, Macedo credits her physique to a disciplined meal plan. “’My daily diet is a late breakfast, usually egg whites with oatmeal, snack protein bar, then a meal that consists of chicken or fish and rice,” she said.

Macedo says she loves working out and having fun. “I want people to see me being goofy having fun working out and see that it’s not so serious and miserable. It’s all about your mind, what you feed it,” she said. Looking at her pictures on Instagram, we’d agree.

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