Russia’s Ambassador to Pakistan had strong words against the rise of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, stating that the terror group is turning northern Afghanistan into a “resting base” of international terrorism and a “bridgehead” for establishing its destructive caliphate in the region.

The “international wing of Daesh” is spearheading the effort of terrorists spilling over the borders of Syria and Iraq and moving worldwide, asserted Russian ambassador to Pakistan, Alexey Dedov.

“With clear connivance, and sometimes even with direct support of certain local and outside sponsors, thousands of militants of various nationalities are consolidating under the banners of Daesh there (in northern Afghanistan), including jihadis from Syria and Iraq,” Dedov told a seminar in Islamabad.

He did not elaborate but Russia and Iran accuse the United States of supporting Islamic State’s rise in Afghanistan.

Iran’s top military commander earlier this week also alleged that the U.S. is transferring IS militants to Afghanistan to fuel regional instability and justify its presence in the region.

Washington vehemently rejects the charges as “rumors” and says its sustained operations in partnership with Afghan forces against IS bases in the country have significantly degraded and reduced the terrorists.

The U.S. military maintains its recent airstrikes in northern Afghan regions are targeting Taliban training camps and those of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a terrorist organization operating near the border with China and Tajikistan.

“The U.S. strikes support Afghanistan in reassuring its neighbors that it is not a safe sanctuary for terrorists who want to carry out cross border operations,” the military said Thursday.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has accused Russia of arming the Taliban, something Moscow denies yet says they support the Taliban because they promote a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Russia has also moved quickly into the vacuum of denied U.S. support for Pakistan and has increased military sales to the country including M-35 attack helicopters.

The Pakistanis have praised the role of Russia, stating they’re helping to “stabilize” the situation. China, has increased its influence with Pakistan with the building of a huge economic corridor. They remain Pakistan’s biggest ally in the region

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