The US Special Operations Command at their recent USSOCOM Care Coalition Conference in Tampa, FL honored Executive Director of the Green Beret Foundation, Jennifer Paquette.

Paquette has been presented with USSOCOM’s “Patriot Award” which was established in 2007 and recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to support Special Operators and their families. Paquette’s work centers around her work for the Special Forces or the “Green Beret” community.

Green Beret Foundation Chairman of the Board, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Simeon Trombitas, commented on the esteem in which Jennifer is held in the Special Operations community.

“Jen is an incredible asset to the Special Forces community. Her commitment has been incredible in times of great stress. Our Green Berets are much better off for having her support. Her efforts come at a critical time of need for Green Berets because Special Forces global deployment rates are not expected to slow down anytime soon.”

As Executive Director of the foundation, Paquette has the responsibility of overseeing and generating the foundation’s mission, which impacts on hundreds of Green Berets and their families, combined with raising millions of dollars to support the foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3).

Among Paquette’s many contributions was the formation of the “Steel Mags”. This group started with a small group of women from Ft. Bragg, NC and has since grown to include eight chapters nationwide.

Steel Mags is designed to replicate the Green Beret brotherhood with a sisterhood. With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan dragging on, the toll on families and children at home rises. It is a unique support group for the women and families back home that aids each other, their communities and “teaches civilian young girls and ladies the philosophies of the Spartan female force.”

Paquette is well known in the Special Forces community and is an honorary member of the Special Forces Association.

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Photo courtesy Green Beret Foundation