Happy New Year, but in our Selection preparation, a good rule to follow is “No Days Off”, Okay, I’m stealing that from Bill Belichick, but it is apt. So, if your head is feeling a bit fuzzy after welcoming in the New Year, we have the perfect cure.

Some good pretest work for the Upper Body Round Robin (UBRR) with many of the exercises that will be tested. Always go for perfect form when doing the pushups, it will be an area that is always looked at hard during the PT tests in Selection. After the exercises, a three-mile run as fast as you can. Mark the time in your workout logbook


More preparation for the UBRR

2 x 1-minute Pushups

2 x 1-minute Sit-ups

2 x 1-minute, Crunches

2 x 1-minute, V-ups

2 x Dips as many as possible to muscle failure (no time limit)

2 x Pullups as many as possible or to muscle failure (no time limit)

3-mile run (24 minutes maximum)

Stretch well after completion

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