Mammut is a mountain gear company that’s been around for a long time. Although not as prominent a name in North America, they consistently design and manufacture some of the most cutting edge outerwear, climbing hardware, and alpine gear for thriving in the mountains.

We had a chance to swing by the Mammut booth at Summer Outdoor Retailer 2015 and check out some of their new and innovative “Absolute Alpine” products. As many know, a product is more than its material and more about the design process. Mammut has some of the worlds best mountain athletes as ambassadors to give constant feedback on what works and what doesn’t. From simple GORE-TEX jackets, helmets, to ropes, their end-user thought process generally exceeds other brands I’ve encountered.

The Swiss company’s product prices are on the high-end, so start depositing those two dollar bills your grandmother gave you as a child before you purchase one of their new products. From the products I’ve used, the quality is worth the price. There are many here at the Loadout Room that will attest to Mammut’s quality. It’s not that they’ve never made a poor product, they are just more consistent than most.

The first video at the top covers Mammut’s climbing ropes and dry treatment, new climbing helmet, and a super rad chalk-bag that any climber will want in their quiver.

Aspiring to travel in the backcountry on skis or a snowboard? Maybe you’re a seasoned backcountry skier and are in need of a new avalanche air-bag. Mammut’s ultralight and interchangeable system could save your life.

The next product has been around for the last couple of years, but has some serious application potential in the special operations community. Integrating the comfort of pants into the safety of a climbing harness is something that has only been done in firefighter turnouts, but should be considered for special applications throughout the military.

– Isaiah Burkhart for