Three service members working for the White House Communications Agency have been reassigned from their jobs and could lose their security clearances amid an investigation into alleged improper contact with foreign women during President Trump’s tour through Asia earlier this month, according to a report on Tuesday.

The Washington Post first reported the story. The three military members could receive administrative punishment or a court-martial in addition to possibly having their security clearances suspended or revoked if an investigation finds them guilty.

Trump spent nearly two weeks in Asia, visiting numerous foreign leaders.

The White House Communications Agency provides the president, vice president, Secret Service members, and others with secure communications.

Personnel in posts with high-level security clearances are supposed to report interactions with foreigners so as to not compromise national security.

The incident apparently occurred in Vietnam where the three military members broke curfew and had “improper contact” with foreign women.

In August, military members of Vice President Pence’s communications team were reassigned after trying to bring women back to their hotel in Panama.

In the words of the best safety brief ever… “Flies spread disease men, keep yours closed.”

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