The ZT-0909 folding knife was and not an easy knife to review, as I am a definite Benchmade snob.   I  am really impressed with the rugged and sturdy feeling that it gives when gripping and manipulating it.  It has taken me literally a couple of months to get used to the functionality of how it opens and closes.  When I first picked it up, I was not impressed with how it opens and closes.  Overtime, I began to realize why they set it up this way.  When you are opening it, you have three different ways of doing so.

  1. Using your index finger to put backward pressure on the “nub” that is on the back of the blade.  This is very much the same movement that your “trigger finger” makes when shooting.  I found this to be the most efficient way in opening it and is my preferred method.
  2. Using two hands to open it.  This is a no-brainer and requires no explanation.
  3. “Flicking” it open.  Be careful with this one and make sure you have a good grip on the knife.  I actually launched my ZT once down my hallway and another time across the floor of my kitchen.  Needless to say, it was funnier then shit ( not sure how funny shit is for you concrete thinkers) at the time that it happened.  I definitely wont be showing my future wife the scratches on the hallway floor or the chipped tile on the kitchen floor.  She would just shake her head and say something like “and you couldn’t have done that OUTSIDE?”


There are two closing options to this knife and the both require the first same step.  If your hands are greasy or cold then this may require a bit more effort, so ….. PAY ATTENTION GRASSHOPPER!

  1. Using two hands (yes, you will have to make the decision which of your hands does what), I found using my thumb to be the best digit to depress the locking mechanism towards the outside of the blade handle and using the other hand to close it.
  2. Using one hand is still safe. same first step with your thumb, but then I used either the side of my leg or a surface I didn’t care about and push on the back of the blade to start the closing process.  Now, you may think “oh shit”, I’m gonna cut my finger you jackass.  Not so, because as it closes, the company has situated the safety lock in the perfect spot, to allow the “base” of the sharp side of the blade (if your sharpening it and taking care of it) to “bump” into your thumb.  This is signal to move you digit and finish the closing process now that blade is unlocked and the knife is ready to be stored.

I tested in water and the dirt when I was manipulating it and must say that I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to maintain a solid grip on it.  I thought for sure that it would slip out of my hand, but that wasn’t the case.

Cleaning it off was quick and easy as well.  Shake it off, wipe off and blow out the crap in the handle.

I also noticed through internet and website research that some of the knife forums out there, which shall remain nameless, seem to ping negatively the

There are no questions in my mind about ruggedness (if that’s grammatically correct) of this knife.   I think that my Benchmade will be taking a backseat to the ZT 0909.

I have yet to sharpen this knife and have been using it for several months now.  I think the only downside to this knife, is there is no stud on the side of the blade that would allow you to open it with your thumb as well.

Other then that, I am 100% impressed with this knife and will use it more and more.

– Dirtfrog for