The men and women who serve our country face incredible challenges, both during their deployments and often long after. Ensuring their families’ financial security is paramount, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently expanded life insurance options to better protect these heroes.

Let’s delve deeper into these valuable programs and understand how they can benefit veterans and service members alike.

A Lifeline for Wounded Warriors: Introducing VALife

For veterans carrying the invisible wounds of service, navigating the path to financial stability can be especially difficult.

The VALife program offers a beacon of hope. This brand-new initiative provides guaranteed acceptance for whole life insurance coverage up to $40,000 (in $10,000 increments), regardless of a veteran’s service-connected disability rating, even if it’s 0%. This eliminates the worry of pre-existing conditions disqualifying them from coverage.

What makes VALife truly unique is its affordability and predictability.

The cost of your VALife policy is determined by two factors: your age at application and your desired coverage amount. The good news is that once you lock in your rate, it won’t budge—premiums are guaranteed to stay the same throughout your coverage.

For example, a veteran who is 26 when applying for the policy will pay $54.40 for the maximum coverage of $40,000. A veteran who is 50 when applying will pay $130 a month for that maximum coverage. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing their budget won’t be burdened by future premium hikes.

Additionally, VALife builds a cash value after two years, offering veterans the flexibility to access funds for emergencies or other needs. This financial cushion can be particularly helpful during times of transition or unexpected hardship.