I like gadgets and things in which to carry them.  Last year, I fairly assaulted SHOT Show 2012 wearing a Maxpedition Sitka in Khaki.   It was just too small for my burden then, and for 2013 I had since added a Canon DSLR.   Although a sling bag is easy to access, when filled with notebooks, pens, cameras, spare batteries, an iPad 2 and accessories, business cards, morale patches, product CD’s, press kits, Clif bars, water, Mil-Spec Monkey hoodie, and a daily burgeoning collection of swag (pirate booty), the distribution of weight in the oft-rotated bag could vex a loadmaster.  I needed a backpack.   Okay, another backpack.  Damn, I think my wife heard that.

When I saw the Tactical Tailor Urban Operator Pack, I though I was on to something.   I have a Maxpedition Falcon II, but at 3+ lbs empty, it starts out a bit much for the trade show floor.  I wanted to shed a pound or two where I could.  Even though the weight was not spec’ed on their website, Tactical Tailor’s bag looked more stripped down than my Falcon II:  fewer straps and layers of heavy nylon material.

Tactical Tailor added “Made in the USA” to its desirable attributes.  At an MSRP of $99.00, it was also a bargain.  But would the quality betray the price? In for 9,900 pennies, in for a pound.

And the Coyote Brown Urban Operator Pack arrived and I was very pleased.  The UOP was sturdy.  Stitching was solid.  It had a properly padded pocket for my iPad (or my 17″ MacBook Pro).  I was thrilled to try to figure out what I could jam into its cavernous spaces but still hover over the scale.  The UOP’s svelte form and padded shoulder straps would ease any neck strain I could have suffered with a lesser pack.

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(Featured image courtesy of thinblueflorida.com)