Usually, there are a few items that are part of my EDC and my operational loadout. For instance, my Sig Sauer P320 in .45 and most recently the 5.11 Rapid L1 have made their way into my EDC and my operational loadout. I like to use the K.I.S.S. system with gear because if you don’t keep it simple, you’re stupid. Things that are compact, valuable, and do the job usually have my attention and the 5.11 Rapid L1 fits all three.


First off, its compact at 3.5inches and light at 2.53oz. A win for 5.11. Second, it’s valuable. Arguably having any light is valuable in your EDC or operational loadout. This light gets the win because its durable as all get out. Lastly, at 293 lumens, it does its job. Now having a low light and high beam is definitely attractive as I usually am working under the night sky. 19 Lumens is ideal if I absolutely need a flashlight and if I need to cause a distraction 293 lumens can do that. I understand more lumens can blind a person, but that’s not my goal here. That’s what flash crashes are for – chaos and earthquakes.

All in all, 5.11 came out with a really solid light with the Rapid L1. No complaints from me and if you know me, I always have complaints about 5.11 gear. Good job with the Rapid L1 5.11!


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