The Cold Steel Grik stands out in the company’s vast 94 product catalog with its unconventional pocket clip, HTR deployment mechanism, and smaller size. Slated for a summer release, the Grik offers a unique package of benefits that Cold Steel hopes will gain traction in the years to come.

Plastic clips were more common in the early days of modern pocket knives. For example, they appeared on some of the first Voyager models. But Grik designer Andrew Demko says the Grik’s GFN clip is anything but a throwback. “Usually the clip is the last part of the design. In this case the knife was designed around the clip concept.”

Steel clips can be painful against the palm during extended cutting chores. With its wide and flat profile, the Grik’s green clip fits against the palm better than a narrow stamped clip, contributing to the ergonomics and eliminating hotspots. “The real goal was to increase handling comfort, and I think we achieved that,” Demko says. The Grik’s clip also won’t scratch your car door or tear into leather seats.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News