As part of several “man the f*ck up” articles, we would like to focus on one of three veteran-owned beard care companies.  After doing some research it became pretty apparent that there are a lot of misconceptions about what a beard is, and how to take care of it, if you have earned one.

Soon enough we’ll do a video interview with one of the owners of such companies, who will explain what ingredients make a difference, how is oil different from balm, or balm from salve.  No one really tells you what to do for your beard, other than maybe those men’s magazines that you never subscribed to, and I put very little stock in that.

All of the companies are veteran owned and operated, and offer a unique perspective on what they make, and their vision.

I ordered The Pirate series of beard care products as a sample from the Badass Beard Care company.  They offer several sample kits which you can customize, and can include any number of samples of beard oil, beard and hair wash, and salve.  At $2.50 to cover the shipping, it’s a no brainer.  With daily use, my sample lasted over 2 weeks.   A great value.  Badass truly offers a complete care system of beard, hair and even skin care.  Brushes, kits, multivitamins, combs and picks, all designed to give you a healthy, touchable, and clean beard.

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