We here at Noble & Blue like to think of ourselves as gentlemen, connoisseurs of style and taste. Being a hiker, shooter, woodsman does not in essence single out chivalry and manners that a real gentleman, or gentlewoman for that matter, needs to have. Gentlemen always keep themselves properly groomed and clothed for the occasion, and so we like to think that it should be thus in outdoors and in more formal occasions.

So being the gentlemen we are, we also have the needs of gentlemen, and this does not go away when we leave the comfort of our city homes to head out to the wild. Granted, the life in the field is rugged and simpler in nature, and it is right to embrace the suck fully, without complaint, as a real gentleman should. But a touch of class in the outdoors can make a huge difference. To the British gentlemen, whom we admire enormously, it is the luxury of tea that makes their day. We have heard that even in the heat of battle British soldiers are reported to have been brewing a nice ‘cuppa’.

Inspired by this and a post we saw in Instagram about a Peli Case holding a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass, we thought to make one for us too and do a little DIY article about our process to fill this niche in our outdoors gear. The purpose of the “Whiskey case” is to bring a little something else for the end of a day on a long hike or, say, a little pick-me-up for a ill-lucked fishing trip. BUT as you know we also like to play with guns, so we would like to take this occasion to remind you that guns and alcohol do not mix well and should never EVER be used together.

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