“Evil Roy” is the stage name of World and National SASS champion Gene Pearcey.  Cimarron firearms has produced an 1873 Colt Single Action in his name that is ready for competition.  I don’t compete in SASS, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a nice hand gun!  For those not familiar with Cimarron Firearms or the single-action Army pistols of yesteryear check out our earlier article here.

What sets the Evil Roy apart from others is a wide square-notch rear sight and wide front sight.  Anyone with any hand-gunning experience knows this means for quicker shots.  Cimarron has also altered the internals a bit for a smoother, lighter action with no trigger creep.  The grip is also thinner and checkered to permit for quicker handling.  To see what I mean check out the tabletop video below.

Product specifications are taken directly from the product page:

SKU ER4100
Caliber .45 LC
Style Evil Roy
Frame Case Hardened Super Tuned Action
Finish Standard Blue
Grip Special Gunfighter thin 1 Piece Walnut Hand Checkered
Weight 2.33 Lbs.

If you’ve never tried one of these old gun you’re missing out.  I enjoy the 1873 Colt design for a few reasons.  The triggers are crisp and light permitting perfectly timed shots.  Recoil rolls up the arm thanks to what visually looks like an awkward handle.  Loading and unloading is slow which makes a box of ammunition last a lot longer and if you’re lucky to get one of the special loads like that from Black Hills a rewarding puff of smoke follow every shot.  On the range with an 1873 range time slows down, fundamentals are tested.  Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Other options from Cimarron that can be seen in the links below, complete with videos.

Pistolero in .357 Magnum

“El Malo” in .45 Colt

Be it a modern caliber to compare against your other revolvers, or try a classic with a slow-moving Cowboy load and enjoy range time again.  Not only were wars fought with these guns, but the expansion Westward was made possible by them.


Photo by author