I got my FN SC 1 the other night from my FFL dealer. A pretty gun does not make it shoot any better, but this one definitely got my attention when I took it out of the case. I was sent the gray laminated adjustable stock with 30″ barrels. FN has been the owner of Browning since 1970, and I think all the firearms they have produced since then have had one thing in common: a blocky look. That includes the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) that I used while in the 3rd Ranger Battalion. This shotgun breaks that mold. It has a very sleek appearance; it’s more of an Italian sports car than an American muscle car.

The FNH SC 1 comes with five chokes in a hard plastic case: two skeet, a full, a modified, and an improved cylinder, which cover just about all the shots that you will see on a sporting clays course. Although it comes with a wrench for the choke tubes, it is not really necessary. It comes with two chamber locks that prevent the gun from being used while in place. Instead of a traditional ivory bead for a front sight, this gun comes with a fiber-optic sight, along with several extras that allow you to change the color.


My evaluation gun came with a fully adjustable stock. After many years of competitive shooting, I can tell you that this is the single most important feature of this gun. Usually, you have to send your gun out to have a custom stock put on or have it fitted to you by a gunsmith who can shape a stock. Both are substantial additional investments for you on top of buying a gun. With the help of my wife, it took me about 10 minutes to fit the FNH SC 1 perfectly to my needs.

• Overall length: 46.38″ with extended chokes
• 30″ ported and back-bored barrels
• Invector-Plus choke threads
• 12-gauge
• 2 ¾” chambers
• 10mm ventilated top rib
• Fiber-optic front sight with white mid-bead
• Laminated wood stock
• Adjustable- or fixed-comb models
• Adjustable, recoil-activated single-stage trigger
• Tang safety and barrel-selector switch
• Weight: 8.2 pounds (empty)
• 5.5 to 7.7 lb. trigger weight
• MSRP: $2,449.00 (adjustable-comb models), $2,149.00 (fixed-comb models)

I cannot wait to shoot this gun. It points well and feels great in my hands. If the weather holds out I will be on the range tomorrow with it and will report back as to how it shoots.

(Featured image courtesy of gunsamerica.com)

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