Freedom Munitions is a one-stop shop for ammunition. They load their own ammunition in Idaho. Using the high-grade components, Freedom’s experienced machine operators monitor the loading process doing frequent quality checks. The result is high quality new and re-manufactured ammunition.

I have had great success with Freedom Munitions. My latest order was 500 rounds of .40 S&W 180gr round nose flat points (RNFP) for a tactical shooting class using a Sig 320 and a Lone Wolf .40 cal AR (powered by Glock Mags). I had one last round failure to feed on an old Glock mag with an extension, I am going to blame the mag on this one.

The Sig  320 had no issues, I used a full sized .40 which loved the RNFP. Below is a 15-yard group on a target. I love these targets for zeroing because they give a sharp sight picture and instant feedback. After shooting low, I added some Kentucky windage and applied some trigger fundamentals. The ammo held much tighter than I can.

Freedom Munitions: Quality Ammunition Made in Idaho

The Lone Wolf AR doesn’t like some truncated cone practice ammo, but it loves hollow points and this Freedom Munitions RNFP. It was also very accurate easily qualifying me in the hit zone required on man-sized targets, 100% out to 100 yards.

Freedom Munitions: Quality Ammunition Made in Idaho

Once again, I take the blame for the rounds outside the group. The four headshots were required in the course of fire. The I won’t live long enough to outshoot this ammunition’s accuracy.


Freedom Munitions ammo (except .50 BMG) is loaded on the Ammo Load Mark X (pistol) and Mark L (rifle) loading systems. Freedom Munitions uses premium components from manufacturers such as CCI/Speer, Federal Cartridge, Lake City Arsenal, X-Treme Bullets, Nosler Bullets, Hornady, St. Marks Powder, etc.

The consistency that I observed is the result of experienced machine operators doing quality checks during the loading process to assure consistent performance round after round. The inspection and packaging team checks every round, new or re-manufactured before it goes into a box.

Freedom Munitions has a team of customer service representatives ready to assist you online or by phone. You can get newly manufactured Freedom Munitions 40 S&W 180 gr RNFP is $0.26 Per Round HERE

Freedom Munitions has a Brass Credit Program that can be applied to your customer account. It is a simple way to lower the cost of the shooting sports for everyone.  

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