About a year ago I decided to upgrade the pistol rug I was using to carry my Glock 19 to and from the range.  At the time GORUCK was just offering their new line of firearms gear as pre-order.  I ordered two of their pistol rugs in black (The only available color).  After a few months of waiting I received my pistol rug and can say it is/was worth the wait.  I’ve been a fan of GORUCK products for years since I got my GR1.  GORUCK products are built rock solid and bomb proof and the pistol rug is no exception.  (http://www.goruck.com/pistol-rug-black-/p/GEAR-000689)

GORUCK Pistol Rug

GORUCK Pistol Rug

The pistol rug is constructed of 1000D CORDURA and the outside dimensions are 10.50″W x 8.00″H x 2.75″D per, with a YKK zipper used per the GORUCK website.  The interior is lined with Velcro so that you can attach pouches or patches.  GORUCK sells a full line of attachable pouches for the pistol rug.  I checked around my house and as any other gear hound found I already owned a collection that I could use.  On the interior I placed a 5.11 double pistol magazine pouch, flashlight holder, and a Maxpedition accessory loop.  

GORUCK Pistol Rug

I really like the size and quality of this pistol rug and have it set up as a grab and go set up.  It fits well into a backpack for carrying to and from the car or if you have to grab your pack and move quickly.  I’ve owned a number of pistol rugs over the years and have to say that this is the best and highest quality one I’ve owned to date.

Guest Writer – Art Dorst served in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserves and eventually retired as an NCO from The Army National Guard. He is also a retired municipal Police Officer, a Certified EMT, and is currently a professional security provider and trainer.

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