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Heckler & Koch has teamed up with B&T USA for the release of HK suppressors to the commercial market in the United States.

Previously only available to law enforcement and military customers, this line of factory suppressors will be made in the U.S. by B&T USA “to the same exacting specifications and quality of suppressors designed and manufactured specifically for HK firearms” around the world, the press release says.

The initial rollout of these HK-branded suppressors from B&T will include models for pistol caliber handguns, PDWs and carbines, with suppressors for rifle calibers to follow. According to a couple of product images (click below to enlarge) supplied to The Firearm Blog, it looks like there are seven options for shooters to choose from.

No word yet on the MSRP.

HK, B&T USA Team to Release HK Suppressors for US Market

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