In the past, we published an article on protecting our kids while they are at school when confronted with an active shooter or other violent situation. The knowledge contained in both 100 Deadly Skills books are worth their weight in gold in this day and age. The skills discussed here is a must for school teachers and faculty to practice and know how to implement. With some basic items (zip ties, duct tape and any broom or mop sticks) you can buy yourself valuable time to take cover or escape through a window.

“Senseless shootings of innocent people continue to grow. Whether the prick uses a handgun or a rifle – it doesn’t really matter – crazy is crazy and bullets kill. You must have an array of tactics to survive these kinds of events. In both books, 100 Deadly Skills, I show how to barricade doors in different ways – this video is just one of many improvised ways to secure outward opening doors. The goal of my books and videos is to instill “outside the box” thinking – better yet – there is no box. Do whatever it takes to survive. Thank you for watching and please comment with other positive ideas.” – Clint Emerson